February 2016

Valentino de Zelkova

earned his International Champion title in Conformation!


Madera Canyon Kennel Club

November 2013

Winter Ridge Special Forces Ranger

took Best of Opposite Sex - Puppy



March 2013

Fayre Winterland Lady Leila

earned her National Champion title

in Conformation



We are a family first with loving, well adjusted pets; and secondly, we are a small hobby golden retriever breeder located in Tucson Arizona. Our dogs are our pets that live in the home with us where they are exposed to all sites, sounds and scents of daily living. A nurturing home environment is the only way to raise confident, mild tempered, family oriented puppies that live long, anxiety free lives with their owners, providing them with lifelong companions.

We strive to improve the breed with every mating and produce Champion quality puppies for show or loving family companions. Significant and extensible research is done when choosing a suitable bitch or stud for every litter. Dogs are chosen based on many factors including their temperament, ability to meet and exceed the breed's standards, continuously passing and currently holding passing medical and health clearances, the dog's progeny, performance and showmanship. All our dogs have their health clearances (hips, elbows, heart, eyes) before a mating will occur.  We are currently transitioning to an all Pennhip breeding program.  See Links to read about Pennhip.

Golden Retrievers are Awesome

Our dogs are commonly referred to as English, Cream, UK, British or European golden retrievers. Please read more about this type of golden retriever here. We use the term English Cream Golden Retriever to refer to the type of physique the dog has which typically consists of a chunkier/blockier shaped head, broader chest, slightly shorter legs and a lighter colored coat. They have the same mild temperament as American Golden Retrievers and make wonderful loving family dogs. Also, please note that our dogs are not rare as some may claim, but quite common throughout other countries.

It is extremely important to us that we are unrelenting advocates of the golden retriever breed by adhering to the Golden Retriever Club of America's Code of Ethics. We are committed to obtaining dogs and producing litters that "possess the appearance, structure, soundness, temperament, natural ability and personality that are characterized in the standard of the breed, and to do all possible to advance and promote the perfection of these qualities"

Visit the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) here: www.grca.org

​We reserve the right to choose the puppy for the new owner based on their intention of their puppy and the puppy's personality.

Winter Ridge Golden Retrievers