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Winter Ridge Golden Retrievers

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When we first received Leila it was love at first site and our passion for goldens began, quickly turning into a golden love affair. In 2011 we were fortunate enough to receive our second English golden puppy, a boy named Xander, and he's been a delightful addition to our home as well, confirming everything we've heard about the notoriously wonderful golden retriever!


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Winter Ridge Golden Retrievers!

At Winter Ridge Golden Retrievers, we intend to breed AKC registered, healthy, family oriented, show quality golden retrievers in sunny Tucson Arizona.

Our passion for the English golden started in 2010 when we received our first baby golden retriever, Leila. Having always owned labradors and labrador mixes I knew what a sporting dog offered a family and when our friend encouraged us to try a golden retriever I did the research and was amazed at what I learned.

The goldens are known for their mild temperments, undying devotion and exceptional retriever skills. Above all they are consistently noted to be the perfect family dog.  Having 3 kids, 2 older lab mixes and 4 cats, a golden retriever puppy sounded like the perfect additon to our family.

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